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BCCI to commence post-Modi era in IPL tomorrow

first_imgThe post-Lalit Modi era in the Indian Premier League is set to commence on Thursday when Cricket Board’s office bearers and the franchisees meet to discuss the way forward after the financial scandal that led to the IPL commissioner’s suspension.”It’s the first meeting of the BCCI office bearers with the IPL franchisee owners after the conclusion of the third season. That’s all which can be said to the media,” said Board’s CAO, Prof. Ratnakar Shetty when asked about the agenda for the meeting.There are enough indications that this meeting, to be followed the next day by the Governing Council meeting of the Twenty20 League to be chaired by Chirayu Amin, will chart the roadmap for the season ahead in the post-Modi scenario.All the happenings during the run-up to the suspension of Modi and afterwards are expected to be presented to the 10 franchisee owners/representatives who would attend the meeting at the Board’s headquarters.The franchisees are bound to air their views about the future conduct of the IPL, in particular about the number of matches and format of the tournament with the addition of two more teams – Pune and Kochi – and modalities for the new players’ auction.If played as per the existing home and away format, the 60-game event would balloon to 94 games, which has raised concerns about player burn-outs and injuries.The Board officials are bound to take the broader view by pencilling in the hectic schedule of the Indian team before and after the IPL.advertisementThe 2011 World Cup, scheduled from February 19-April 2, is immediately preceding IPL 4 after the Indian team completes a home series against Australia and New Zealand followed by a tour of South Africa.Though a visit to the West Indies is scheduled but not confirmed as per the ICC’s Future Tours Programme in April-May, but it seems unlikely as the dates are set to clash with IPL.A full tour of England, from July to September, is on the cards to leave the top Indian cricketers very little breathing time before and after the T20 League.Reduced number of matches in IPL may not be to the liking of every franchisee as their revenues would take a hit and it is to be seen how the Board officials negotiate this tricky issue.The number of Indian and overseas players who can be retained by the original eight franchisees when the players’ auction is held before the start of the next season is another contentious issue that will come up for debate in the meeting.These issues, and the franchisees’ views on them, would be put up before the Governing Council (GC) on Friday.The decisions taken at the GC meeting are set to come up for ratification at the Special General Meeting of the BCCI that has been convened by the Board on July 3.last_img read more

World Cup 2015: Horoscopes of 8 quarter-final captains

first_imgExcept the exit of England, there has been no real surprises in this World Cup. Eight cricket teams have already qualified for the quarter finals and we’ll have to wait till March 29 to know which team will win the World Cup. Here’s what the individual horoscope says of the captains of the eight teams that have made it to the quarterfinals.Eight Quarter-finalists Mar 5-Mar 23The Sun taking over house #1 will offer mixed results for Dhoni. He is advised to avoid conflicts with the authorities and team-mates alike, even as some colleagues may try to undermine him.Mar 23-Mar 29 (final)If India do make it to the last four, dicey situations continue for MS with the Moon dominant in house #5. Mar 10-Mar 29Later in the tournament, Ketu’s presence in house #3 ends his golden run. Ventures (like the World Cup) in distant or foreign places are destined to bear no fruit ultimately. Feb 16-Mar 18As the Moon takes over house #10, fortune will smile on Mathews. Great success is predicted as he steamrolls opponents.Mar 18-Mar 29But towards the business end of the tournament, Mars in house #12, undoes all the good work. The campaign is destined to bring no prize ultimately, with team-mates being uncooperative, particularly at this time. Feb 14-Mar 29With Saturn steady in house #9, this is going to be a dream run for Clarke and his team. With Mercury occupying house #1, a good momentum will develop as he uses his intellect to good effect. Despite Steven Smith’s growing popularity, Clarke will enjoy the trust of his team-mates. Great success and honour is in store for him, and the four-time world champions.advertisement Feb 14-Mar 29Mixed results in the early part are in store for the perennial chokers. However, with Ketu in house #1 for de Villiers’ the World Cup journey will largely be positive. Feb 14-Mar 19McCullum’s kundli has Saturn in house #4-an unfavourable position. And despite being in-form co-hosts, a few hiccups are in store. But the period could also make him more cautious, prudent and astute. Focussing on the present and not the future would serve him well.Mar 19-Mar 29With the onset of crucial knockout games, and Mercury in house #3, a frenetic McCullum comes to the fore. If he handles this phase well, NZ have no reason to bother. Feb 25-Mar 18It doesn’t get better as the tournament progresses with Ketu in house #1. But the constant travel will yield some positives. Holder’s influence on the team is also expected to grow.Mar 18-Mar 29With Venus entering house #8, any chance of a reversal in fortunes evaporate. Plenty of problems are predicted, and Holder will need to handle people and events more tactfully during this period.Mashrafe Mortaza’s #10 house is governed by Saturn, and the moon is also sitting in the same house. This indicates that the captain of Bangladesh will have to work hard and stick to his decisions. The moon will entice him to alter his decisions every other moment.last_img read more

Facebook Ads – Are They Right For Your Nonprofit?

first_imgMuch has been written recently about the changes in Facebook’s algorithm and its pay-to-play philosophy.Many nonprofits who spent years or months building up an engaged online community on the biggest social network are now seeing a dramatic decline in the number of fans they are able to reach with each post.If this sounds familiar, you may be wondering if Facebook Ads will help your nonprofit reach more fans and get more bang for your Facebook buck.At the recent Social Media for Nonprofits Conference in Boston, Cody Damon of Media Cause provided some insightful advice on whether or not a nonprofit should jump into the Facebook Ads ocean.Before you sit down and purchase a Facebook Ad for your nonprofit, ask yourself these three vital questions: 2. Can I measure it?Whatever the objective, make sure that you can measure it. Just saying “raising awareness for my nonprofit” may not be enough, unless you have specific benchmarks in place to measure your progress.You need to know what success looks like. What will happen if your Facebook Ad is successful? What will have changed? Cody suggests (and I agree) that you pick a goal much more in depth than simple clicks to your website. Do you want to measure “website conversions”, which means that when people visit your website, they take an action and “convert”?A successful “conversion” could be signing up for your email newsletter, subscribing to your blog, or making an online donation. 1. What is my goal?Without a goal, your ad campaign will mean nothing and you will be simply throwing money away (and trust me, Facebook doesn’t mind taking it). A reasonable goal could be an increase in email signups from your website. When you create your ad, this will be called the “advertising objective” – it’s what you want people to do when they encounter your ad.center_img Clients frequently ask me about the price of Facebook Ads. Unlike traditional newspaper ads or billboards, there is no set price for a Facebook Ad.You can set your daily budget, or “lifetime” budget, and you will need to choose a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) or CPC (cost per click bid). You only pay for the impressions or clicks that your ad receives, and if they are targeted well, this can be very effective.If this all seems like Greek to you, you are probably not ready to run a Facebook Ad without outside help. Facebook has a great help center on their website, and there are many firms and consultants who can help you set it up and run it.General best practices for your Facebook Ad:It must be eye-catching and well-written. Do not use your logo and call it “Come to our website!”It must have a photo. For all ads, the best size image to upload is 1200×627 pixels,The photo cannot contain more than 20% text.If it directs to an outside website, it should direct to a specific landing page, rather than just the main home page of your website.For more on using Facebook Ads to build your online community and engage with your fans, read these great posts by Jon Loomer, John Haydon, Nancy Schwartz and David Serfaty.Julia Campbell works with nonprofits to help them raise money online, conquer social media, and become content experts. Her blog on nonprofit marketing is at 3. Can I afford it?last_img read more

Food Banks Benefiting from Farmer Donations

first_img “Farmers are playing a critical role in helping us get fresh produce to Nova Scotians in need and we’re thrilled to be seeing an increase in these donations each month,” said Nick Jennery, executive director of Feed Nova Scotia. “Having the regulations in place will encourage other farmers to give as well.” Feed Nova Scotia has seen an increase in produce donations each month since the credit was announced. Compared to last year, there was an increase in July of more than 10,000 kilograms and an increase of almost 30,000 kilograms in August. The tax credit is retroactive to Jan. 1, 2016. It is estimated that the tax credit could be worth $300,000 this year. Guidelines for the tax credit can be found at For information about donating to a food bank, visit Nova Scotians most in need are benefiting from farmer donations of produce to food banks under the new food bank tax credit announced in Budget 2016-17. Agriculture Minister Keith Colwell announced today, Dec. 13, at Feed Nova Scotia in Halifax that regulations specifying the types of agricultural products eligible for the tax credit are now in place. “Our Nova Scotia farmers have generously given to food banks for many years,” said Mr. Colwell. “This tax credit is a way for government to support the contributions farmers make to our communities while also helping ensure our food banks have fresh, local, nutritious produce.” Individuals or corporations carrying on the business of farming will receive a tax credit equal to 25 per cent of the fair market value of their donations of fresh, surplus produce made to food banks that are registered charities. They will also be eligible for the charitable donation tax credit. “Nova Scotia farmers for many years have graciously donated to food banks in Nova Scotia because it is the right thing to do,” said Chris van den Heuvel, president of Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture. “The Food Bank Tax Credit for Farmers and associated regulations show that government recognizes the resources, such as time, money and labour that go into producing the safe, quality food for the Nova Scotians who need it most.” The tax credit applies to donations of agricultural products like: fruits and vegetables grains pulses, including dried peas, beans, lentils and chickpeas herbs honey and maple syrup nuts mushroomslast_img read more

Staples and Lady Gagas Born This Way Foundation Host Staples For Students

first_imgLast week, Staples, Inc. held the first Staples for Students Kindness Summit, an event bringing together youth, educators, and experts for an engaging discussion about the importance of promoting kindness to create a positive classroom experience as students across the country begin a new school year.The Chicago event was co-hosted by Born This Way Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Lady Gaga and her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, to support the wellness of young people and empower them to create a kinder and braver world.At the Staples for Students Kindness Summit, Born This Way Foundation unveiled the Illinois-specific results of its new survey: Kind Communities – A Bridge to Youth Mental Wellness. The findings – drawn from a nationwide study – explore how a young person’s mental health is impacted by their relationships and environments, including their classrooms.During a panel discussion moderated by educator, author and CNN Education contributor, Dr. Steve Perry, thought leaders and local stakeholders discussed key findings from the study, including: • More than 40% of Illinois high schoolers say their schools are not kind communities. Just 57% of the state’s high schoolers say they are in a community where people are kind. This is concerning as the survey shows a strong correlation between youth who describe their environments as kind and better mental health indicators. • Illinois high schools are doing a good job providing at fostering kindness in several key ways. For example, the state’s high school teachers are significantly more likely to say hello to students as they arrive in the morning – 55% compared to 45% nationwide – which the survey found to be an important indicator of kind school communities. • Illinois youth are stressed. Half of high school respondents say they are stressed, in line with the national average, while 73% of college students and 69% of employed youth use the word to describe themselves, exceeding the national average for both groups. • Illinois parents vastly underestimate the role of stress in their children’s lives. While one in five young people in the state report being a very nervous person all or most of the time in the past month, just one in fifteen parents describe their child that way. This discrepancy is significantly larger in Illinois than it is nationally.“As kids across the country head back to school, we understand that filling classrooms with kindness and positivity is just as important as making sure they’re stocked with the right supplies for the school year,” said Michelle Bottomley, chief marketing officer, Staples. “We’re thrilled to be working with Born This Way Foundation to shine a light on the importance of kindness in the classroom, and to ensure that students start the school year off on a positive note.”Members of the Staples for Students Kindness Summit panel included: Maya Enista Smith, Executive Director, Born This Way Foundation; Raul Palacios, Ed.S., Research Assistant, Born This Way Foundation; Gerard Kovach, an 8th grade teacher at McCutcheon Elementary School in Chicago; and Kishoanda Johnson, a local young person who received Born This Way Foundation’s Channel Kindness Award for her work with The Night Ministry, a Chicago homelessness services organization.“We know that students do best in schools that are kind, supportive, and empowering,” said Cynthia Germanotta, president and co-founder, Born This Way Foundation. “It was inspiring to hear today from some of Chicago’s amazing students and teachers about their commitment to fostering kindness in the classroom and beyond.”To help Staples for Students and Born This Way Foundation support teachers and students nationwide, make a donation in Staples stores or online at Chicago Funding and Digital Kindness Tree LaunchIn the spirit of helping create positive classroom experiences, Staples also announced that 890 teacher projects on in the Chicago area will receive full funding as part of Staples’s $1 million donation to the organization. is a charity that has funded more than 900,000 classroom projects for teachers since its founding, benefitting more than 22 million students.With a donation of more than $400,000 to support Chicago classrooms, Staples impacted 612 teachers and more than 85,000 students in the community.Earlier this month, Staples and Born This Way Foundation teamed up to create the Staples for Students Digital Kindness Tree to encourage people nationwide to promote kindness in schools and celebrate everyday acts of kindness. Consumers can help it grow by visiting or by Tweeting with hashtag #GrowKindness. On the website and Twitter, users have the opportunity to describe an act of kindness that they recently performed, witnessed or pledge to do. Each time an act of kindness is reported, a “leaf” will be added to the tree, which will continue to grow throughout the summer with each kind act reported.last_img read more

UNchaired commission on CameroonNigeria Bakassi dispute holds first session

The meeting of the “mixed commission” – so named because it comprises representatives from both sides – was set to focus on establishing a programme and a calendar of work, and followed an informal working session held on Sunday. The meeting was chaired by the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for West Africa, Ahmedou Ould-Adballah.The commission was formed in response to a ruling last October on the Bakassi dispute by the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which essentially awarded Cameroon rights to the oil-rich peninsula. Following the Court’s decision, Nigeria asserted that the judgment did not consider “fundamental facts” about the Nigerian inhabitants of the territory, whose “ancestral homes” the ICJ had adjudged to be in Cameroonian territory.Meeting with Secretary-General Kofi Annan in Geneva last month, Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria and Paul Biya of Cameroon agreed to set up the commission to handle their differences, mandating it to consider all the implications of the ICJ’s decision, including the need to protect the rights of the affected populations in both countries. read more

Monitoring board for Iraqi development fund set up UN says

The statement, issued by the Arab Fund for Social and Economic Development, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank and the United Nations, said their agreement meant that that the International Advisory and Monitoring Board (IAMB) had been established. In its resolution 1483, passed last May, the Security Council noted the establishment of a Development Fund for Iraq to be held by the Central Bank of Iraq and to be audited by independent public accountants approved by IAMB. It said it looked forward to IAMB’s early meeting. Today’s joint statement said, “The purpose of the Board is to promote the objective” of the May resolution, which says “the Development Fund for Iraq shall be used in a transparent manner to meet the humanitarian needs of the Iraqi people, for the economic reconstruction and repair of Iraq’s infrastructure, for the continued disarmament of Iraq, and for the costs of Iraqi civilian administration and for other purposes benefiting the people of Iraq.” The statement also said that the group would ensure “that export sales of petroleum, petroleum products and natural gas from Iraq are made consistent with prevailing international market best practices.” The directors of the four groups would each appoint a representative to the IAMB, the statement said. read more

UN experts urge India to align new antitrafficking bill with human rights

Maria Grazia Giammarinaro, Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, and Urmila Boola, Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery, said in a statement that they were “gravely concerned” about the bill as presented by the Government to the Indian Parliament last week.“Its focus on addressing trafficking from a criminal law perspective is not sufficiently complemented by a human rights-based and victim-centred approach” they added, flagging that this risks further harming already vulnerable individuals.The experts explained that the bill over-emphasises the criminal response, including the promotion of “rescue raids” by the police and the institutionalisation of victims in the name of rehabilitation, not giving due consideration to their rights and needs, especially in terms of protection.According to the experts, other problematic aspects include the “over-broad and vague nature” of some of the bill’s provisions, which could lead to blanket criminalisation of activities that do not necessarily relate to trafficking.“The development of an appropriate legal framework that is consistent with relevant human rights standards is key not only to ensure that victims are identified, assisted and referred to appropriate protection services, but also to guarantee more effective investigation and prosecution of perpetrators,” the statement read.The experts advocate for the application of “appropriate screening methods and standard operating procedures for the identification and referral of victims or potential victims of trafficking and social integration programs which are respectful of their rights.”They also expressed concerns as the proposed law seems to conflate trafficking with the smuggling of migrants.“This may lead to the criminalisation of all irregular migrants, including victims or potential victims of trafficking, who, because of a lack of safe, orderly and regular migration channels, are forced into the hands of smugglers or traffickers,” the Special Rapporteurs stressed, pointing out that such treatment was in contrast with current international efforts, including the Global Compact on Migration, which aims at addressing protection gaps for vulnerable migrants.“We urge the Indian Parliament to revise the Bill in accordance with human rights law, including the OHCHR Recommended Principles and Guidelines on Human Rights and Human Trafficking, in consultation with civil society organisations, UN agencies and other relevant partners,” the experts emphasised. read more

LNH Chambery and HBC Nantes still running fast

Chambery Savoie and HBC Nantes extended winning run in the French LidlStarLigue 2018/2019. Both teams celebrated new victories which keeping them at the TOP of the league table ahead of two teams which have less matches until now – PSG Handball and Montpellier Handball.Results:Aix – Nantes 25:29Cesson Rennes-Metropole – Pontault 22:17Chambery Savoie – Ivry 24:23Istres – Nimes 23:27Toulouse – St. Raphael 29:29STANDINGS:Chambery Savoie 9 8 1 0 265:234 17Nantes 9 8 0 1 269:239 16Nimes 9 7 1 1 265:242 15Paris SG 7 6 1 0 234:184 13Montpellier 7 6 0 1 198:177 12St. Raphael 9 4 2 3 273:251 10Dunkerque 8 4 1 3 196:185 9Tremblay 8 3 1 4 234:241 7Cesson Rennes-Metropole 9 3 1 5 218:233 7Aix 9 3 0 6 245:239 6Toulouse 9 0 2 7 260:284 2Ivry 9 1 0 8 211:250 2Istres 9 0 2 7 223:267 2Pontault 9 1 0 8 214:279 2 Chambery SavoieHBC Nantes ← Previous Story EHF CL: Day of French domination over Germans Next Story → MT Melsungen win fifth in a row in front of 7.500 fans in Berlin read more

Senator punches teen who egged him for blaming New Zealand attack on

first_imgSenator punches teen who egged him for blaming New Zealand attack on immigration Queensland Senator Fraser Anning drew international condemnation for his comments. Short URL Saturday 16 Mar 2019, 2:24 PM After the devastating attacks on mosques in Christchurch today, this is Queensland Senator Fraser Anning’s response #auspol— Felicity Caldwell (@fel_caldwell) March 15, 2019 Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison described Anning’s comments as “disgusting” and announced that a bipartisan motion of censure would be launched. The remarks by Senator Fraser Anning blaming the murderous attacks by a violent, rightwing, extremist terrorist in New Zealand on immigration are disgusting.“Those views have no place in Australia, let alone the Australian parliament,” Morrison said. Anning was elected in 2017 by a fluke of Australia’s proportional voting system, having received only 19 first preference votes. He is unlikely to be reelected when Australians go to the polls in a vote expected this May.An online petition calling for Anning’s expulsion from parliament had received more than 400,000 signatures at the time of publication. Contains reporting from © AFP 2019Comments are closed due to ongoing legal proceedings.  Mar 16th 2019, 2:24 PM Share104 Tweet Email A FAR-RIGHT Australian senator had to be restrained by security officials after punching a young man who egged him over comments he made about the terror attack in New Zealand. Queensland Senator Fraser Anning drew international condemnation for blaming the mass shooting at two Christchurch mosques on immigration.Forty-nine people were killed and dozens more were injured in the attack yesterday.Australian-born Brenton Tarrant (28) filmed himself carrying out the horrific attack. He made a white power gesture as he appeared in court today charged with murder.An unnamed young man threw an egg at Anning during a press conference in Melbourne today, prompting the senator to hit him in the face before being stopped by what appeared to be a security guard.In a statement issued yesterday, Anning said the terror attack was the result of Muslim immigration into New Zealand.“As always, left-wing politicians and the media will rush to claim that the causes of today’s shootings lie with gun laws or those who hold nationalist views, but this is all cliched nonsense,” Anning said.He added that “the real cause of bloodshed” is the country’s immigration programme. Someone has just slapped an egg on the back of Australian Senator Fraser Anning’s head, who immediately turned around and punched him in the face. @politicsabc @abcnews— Henry Belot (@Henry_Belot) March 16, 2019center_img Source: Henry Belot/Twitter Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article By Órla Ryan No Comments 78,411 Views Source: Felicity Caldwell/Twitterlast_img read more

ZTE Nubia Z5 LAndroïd surpuissant venu de Chine

first_imgZTE Nubia Z5 : L’Androïd surpuissant venu de ChineLe très ambitieux constructeur chinois ZTE vient de présenter son Nubia Z5 confirmant ainsi son intention de s’imposer sur la marché des smartphones haut de gamme.  Avec son Nubia Z5, le chinois ZTE semble bien décidé à s’offrir une place de choix sur le marché des smartphones. Après de longs mois d’attente, le petit bijou de ZTE vient d’être officiellement présenté et promet de faire de l’ombre à ses principaux concurrents. Le dernier né de ZTE sera en effet doté d’un écran 5 pouces (1 920 x 1 080), et intègrera un processeur quadri-cœur Qualcomm cadencé à 1,5 Ghz. Il comprendra également 2 Go de mémoire vive, 32 Go de stockage, un capteur photo de 13 mégapixels en face arrière et 2 mégapixels en face avant. Enfin, la capacité de sa batterie sera de 2 300 mAh et le terminal embarquera en Wi-Fi b/g/n/a, Bluetooth 4.0. À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Pour ce qui est de l’aspect visuel du smartphone, ZTE s’est adressé au designer italien Stefano Giovannoni pour définir les lignes du Nubia Z5. Le constructeur a par ailleurs opté pour une technologie One Glass Solution qui offre des bords très fins sur les tranches latérales. Le smartphone fera 7,6 mm d’épaisseur, hors décroché de l’appareil photo, pour à peine 126 grammes.Compatible 3G et 4G LTE, le Nubia Z5 devrait être lancé courant janvier 2013 pour un montant de 550 dollars nu (environ 415 euros). Pour le moment, sa sortie en Europe n’a pas encore été annoncée. Il va donc falloir se montrer patient avant de pouvoir découvrir ce bijou de technologie tout droit venu de Chine. Le 29 décembre 2012 à 09:47 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

7 arrested 61 drivers ticketed by Mobile Division Officers during 48 hour

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Bahamas, September 13, 2017 – Nassau – Consistent with the Commissioner’s Policing Priorities for 2017, Mobile Division targeted patrols intended to reduce crime, and to minimize the ability for criminals to commit criminal activities, has resulted in the arrest of nine (9) persons during the past 48 hours for, possession of dangerous drugs, causing damage and outstanding court warrants.Additionally, 61 drivers were ticketed for various traffic violations.POLICE ARE APPEALING TO THE PUBLIC TO SHARE INFORMATION ON ANY ILLEGAL/SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITIES IN THEIR COMMUNITIES, NO MATTER HOW SMALL OR INSIGNIFICANT (THE TIP) MAY SEEM, MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC ARE URGED TO ANONYMOUSLY CONTACT THE POLICE AT 919 OR CRIME STOPPERS AT 328-TIPS (8477) (NEW PROVIDENCE) OR 1-242-300-8476 (FAMILY ISLANDS)WEEKLY PREVENTION CRIME TIP: IF YOU SEE OR SUSPECT A CRIME IS BEING COMMITTED; PAY PARTICULAR ATTENTION TO THE FEATURES OF THE OFFENDER/S AND ANY VEHICLES INVOLVED.Please visit the Royal Bahamas Police Force Website at or facebook page at or follow Commissioner of Police Ellison Greenslade on Twitter, for Latest News, Daily Crime Reports and additional Crime Prevention Tips.Press Release: RBPF Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:last_img read more

2 men in custody child safe after being barricaded in Pompano Beach

first_imgPOMPANO BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) – Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to reports of a barricaded subject with a child in Pompano Beach, Tuesday.Deputies responded to the scene in the area of 244 N.W. Ninth St.Deputies were able to go into the home and pull out two men and the child. The two men were taken into custody while the child was reported to be OK.The call initially came in as reports of shots fired. However, deputies confirm no one was injured.The age of the child is unknown.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

Thoughtcontrolled computers on the way Intel

first_img Intel scientists are currently mapping out brain activity produced when people think of particular words, by measuring activity at about 20,000 locations in the brain. The devices being used to do the mapping at the moment are expensive and bulky MRI scanners, similar to those used in hospitals, but senior researcher at Intel, Dean Pomerlau, said smaller gadgets that could be worn on the head are being developed. Once the brain activity is mapped out the computer will be able to determine what words are being thought by identifying similar brain patterns and differences between them.Pomerlau said words produce activity in parts of the brain associated with what the word represents. So thinking of a word for a type of food, such as apple, results in activity in the parts of the brain associated with hunger, while a word with a physical association such as spade produces activity in the areas of the motor cortex related to making the physical movements of digging. In this way the computer can infer attributes of a word to narrow it down and identify it quickly.A working prototype can already detect words like house, screwdriver and barn, but as brain scanning becomes more advanced the computer’s ability to understand thoughts will improve.If the plans are successful users will be able to surf the Internet, write emails and carry out a host of other activities on the computer simply by thinking about them. Director of Intel Laboratories, Justin Ratner, said it is clear humans are no longer restricted to using a keyboard and mouse, and mind reading is the “ultimate user interface.” He said he is confident any concerns about privacy will be overcome.While many able-bodied computer users may hesitate to adopt a technology that operates a computer by reading their minds, people who are unable to use a keyboard or a mouse through disability should find the new technology gives them much more freedom and opportunities for communicating. ( — Computers controlled by the mind are going a step further with Intel’s development of mind-controlled computers. Existing computers operated by brain power require the user to mentally move a cursor on the screen, but the new computers will be designed to directly read the words thought by the user. An fMRI scan example. Image: Wikipedia. © 2010 Intel wants a chip implant in your brain More information: Via Telegraph Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: Thought-controlled computers on the way: Intel (2010, August 25) retrieved 18 August 2019 from read more

LeBrons silence on rumors hes leaving Cleveland means hes gone

first_imgThe Dolphins signed Jay Cutler to save the locker room Social media wasn’t happy when the Dolphins signed Jay Cutler over Colin Kaepernick, but Colin has said it was the right decision for the Dolphins, given Cutler’s previous relationship with head coach Adam Gase.Jay Glazer confirmed the Dolphins locker room was also sold on Cutler, who they viewed as able to step in and give the team a chance to win. Even though Cutler has flaws, players view him as #1 quarterback, and an NFL team in the Dolphins situation needs to keep the locker room engaged and believing they won’t just be playing out the season. Cutler has done that, for now.Guests:Chris Broussard – FS1 NBA Analyst joins the show to discuss the rumor that LeBron is 100% gone from Cleveland; what he hears from LeBron’s inner circle; and why Kyrie wants out.Doug Gottlieb – FS1 Analyst is in-studio to talk LeBron leaving Cleveland rumors; the potential impact of Dan Gilbert’s Trump support on his decision; and if McGregor has any chance to win the Mayweather fight.Floyd Mayweather, Sr. – Father and trainer of Floyd Mayweather is in-studio to discuss the change to 8-ounce gloves; if Floyd is taking the fight as seriously as a championship boxing match; and how Floyd will handle an aggressive McGregor.Seth Joyner – Former Eagles Pro Bowl linebacker is in-studio to talk athletes increasing political awareness; and if Trump as at the root of the increase in politicization. LeBron’s silence on rumors he’s leaving Cleveland means he’s gone NBA reporter Chris Sheridan’s tweet that LeBron James is definitely leaving Cleveland was instantly headline news. Associates of James denied the report, but James never directly denied it, and Colin thinks this speaks volumes about the credibility of the report.James has immediately denied other stories about him when he deemed them false. This time, crickets.For Colin, this is another sign that points to LeBron leaving Cleveland after next season. There were no leaks before ‘The Decision’ or ‘The Return.’ A year out from this decision, information is slowly being leaked from his camp. LeBron’s gone.last_img read more

Chrome 73 comes with PWAs on Mac signed HTTP exchanges and constructable

first_imgYesterday, Google released version 73 of its popular web browser. Chrome 73 comes with support for PWAs for MacOS, signed HTTP exchanges for creating portable content, and constructable style sheets. DuckDuckGo now a default search engine Interestingly, Chrome 73 comes with a feature to change its default search engine to a to DuckDuckGo which is a more privacy-friendly option. Google acknowledges that it updated the available search engines based on “new usage statistics” from “recently collected data.” DuckDuckGo is the preferred search option in more than 60 markets including the United States and the United Kingdom. Mac OS related updates Chrome 73 adds support for bringing Progressive Web Apps to Mac OS bringing PWAs to all desktop platforms – Mac, Windows, Chrome OS and Linux. Chrome 73 also includes the long-awaited dark mode for macOS. Dark mode was first announced for Chrome last month, but yesterday’s release has made it official. Signed HTTP Exchanges Chrome 73 comes with Signed HTTP Exchanges (SGX) which makes it “possible to create “portable” content that can be delivered by other parties, and this is the key aspect, it retains the integrity and attribution of the original site.” SGX is a part of Web Packages. Signed HTTP exchanges enables faster content delivery for users, making it possible to get the benefits of a CDN without having to cede control of your certificate’s private key. Check out Kinuko’s Signed HTTP Exchanges post for details on how to get started. Constructable style sheets Chrome 73 users can now create and distribute reusable styles using Constructable Stylesheets. Constructable Stylesheets make it possible to define and prepare shared CSS styles, and then apply those styles to multiple Shadow Roots or the Document easily and without duplication. To get started, you can create a new instance of CSSStyleSheet, then use either replace or replaceSync to update the stylesheet rules. Other updates There is a new regular expression called matchAll(). It is a matching method on the string prototype, and returns an array containing the complete matches. The element now supports imagesrcset and imagesizes properties to correspond to srcsetand sizes attributes of HTMLImageElement. Blink’s shadow blur radius implementation, now matches Firefox and Safari. These are just a select few updates. For more details, visit the Google’s developer blog. Read Next Chrome announces KV Storage, the first built-in module for Web You can now publish PWAs in the Google Play Store as Chrome 72 for Android ships with Trust Web Activity feature. Google releases a fix for the zero day vulnerability in its Chrome browser while it was under active attack.last_img read more

Time to book south of the border Loonie hits 80 cents for

first_imgTime to book south of the border: Loonie hits 80 cents for first time in a year TORONTO — The loonie broke above .80c US Monday for the first time in more than a year amid a weakened U.S. dollar and further signs of a strengthening Canadian economy.After steadily rising for weeks, the Canadian dollar crested above the threshold in morning trading and was bobbing around that level about an hour before markets were to close at 4 p.m. ET.The currency has gained nearly 10% since early May, fuelled by brightening economic prospects in recent months that prompted the Bank of Canada to raise its key benchmark interest rate earlier this month for the first time in close to seven years.There are expectations one or possibly two more rate hikes could be in the offing before the end of the year.Earlier Monday, Statistics Canada reported that wholesale sales hit a record high in May as they climbed 0.9% to $61.6 billion. Economists had expected an increase of 0.5 per cent, according to Thomson Reuters.More news:  Can you guess the top Instagrammed wedding locations in the world?Isaac Holloway, an assistant professor at the Ivey Business School at Western University, said the gain in the Canadian dollar will have the biggest affect on importers and exporters, though it will likely be months before consumers see the fallout.“Anyone importing or consuming imported goods could be seeing relief on the price front,” he said from London, Ont.“On the flip side, anybody who is exporting is going to have to lower their prices to remain competitive with foreign competitors.”A stronger loonie will also likely encourage more Canadians to travel south of the border, he added.Shaun Osborne, chief currency strategist at Scotiabank, said he doesn’t expect the loonie to rise much more despite the strong economic performance as of late.“A lot of good news is already priced in at this point,” he said.“It’s difficult concocting what else will help it continue to rise. We’ll see a stabilization in the short run for the Canadian dollar.”More news:  Rome enforces ban on sitting on Spanish StepsOsborne noted that there are a number of factors besides monetary policy that has helped the currency rise. The loonie has benefited from a lower U.S. dollar, which has been hit in recent months by political uncertainty under the Donald Trump administration.But the greenback can strengthen if the U.S. Federal Reserve continues on its interest rate hike schedule this year.Oil prices, which also heavily influence the Canadian dollar, have been stuck between US$40 and US$50 per barrel in recent weeks. Expectations are that crude prices will continue to stabilize, which would mean the Canadian dollar will not find additional support from the commodity.“It’s going to be difficult for the Canadian dollar to advance at its current pace without more significant news and it’s difficult to see where that news is going to come from,” said Osborne. By: Linda NguyenSource: The Canadian Press Share << Previous PostNext Post >> Tags: America, Canada, Trend Watch Tuesday, July 25, 2017 last_img read more

Cultivating pura vida Cartago launches festival to promote organic agriculture

first_imgRelated posts:New Saturday afternoon organic market to open in Zapote Lawmakers begin discussions on bill that would place a moratorium on GMO crop production in Costa Rica Awaiting a court decision, anti-GMO activists gain symbolic ground Following court ruling, anti-GMO activists ask for map of transgenic farms Facebook Comments Fans of organic food rejoice, Cartago will host the first-ever Cultivating Pura Vida Festival this weekend to promote organic and GMO-free produce.The event will run Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the National Center for Specialized Organic Agriculture of the National Learning Institute (INA) in San Rafael de Oreamuno, in the province of Cartago.The free festival will feature the sale of GMO-free produce grown without the use of chemicals.  Attendees can also attend chats about the organic farming process and learn how to switch their farm to organic.The Cultivating Pura Vida Festival also marks the launch of the Cartago Organic Fair, which will be held weekly by INA students.Recommended: Lawmakers begin discussions on bill that would place a moratorium on GMO crop production in Costa Ricalast_img read more

Collette launches new Travel App – Collette Compass

first_imgCollette has just launched a revolutionary new travel App, the Collette Compass App for its clients on all tours. Since launching its office in Sydney in February 2015, Collette has been growing rapidly and gaining the respect and trust of the Australian market through its extensive product range, choice of on-tour optional extras and activities, single-hotel stay in-depth Spotlight tours, to the more adventurous small-group Explorations tours.To enhance the visitor experience, Collette has developed a new, user-friendly, comprehensive travel App that is changing the way its clients engage both on and off tour.“Our clients want to experience the world in a stress-free, well-organised and up-market way. We are living in a digital age and as a global tour operator, we are excited to be able to respond to the increasing demand for convenience through new products and services like our Collette Compass travel App and the private chauffeur service,” said Alison Mead, Australian Business Manager, Collette.The App contains full details of the traveller’s itinerary, from the time the private Collette chauffeur collects them at their door, through the entire journey, to the time they arrive back home. One of the most impressive features of the App is that the itinerary is customisable, so guests can add outings, meals and visits to sites into the existing itinerary, making for a more personalised experience, with the simple touch of a button.Collette’s guests will never get lost with the Compass App, as it provides detailed maps that recognise their hotel, major landmarks and the places which they have already visited, as well as providing hotel information (including contact details). Even more significant, is that all of this is not reliant on wifi or internet connectivity and is built into the App itself when clients book their trip – so there is no need to worry about roaming charges.For those travellers wanting to use their leisure time to explore the city solo, the Collette Compass App provides detailed information about on-tour excursions, major sightseeing attractions and experiences, local hot spots, restaurants and bars, as well as detailed information about the history, culture and customs of the places on tour.The App notes your exact location and makes it possible for you to discover local culinary and cultural attractions, rating them in terms of budget, accessibility and popularity. Whether it’s the best and nearest cheese steak in Philadelphia you’re after, or the fastest way to get to the Eiffel Tower in romantic Paris, the Collette Compass App has you covered.In addition, the App identifies transport options or the opportunity to walk from place to place with clear directions.Sharing travel experiences with family and friends back home is made easy with the App’s trip journal, which allows travellers to take photos, capture moments and record memories, then send via email or share on social media. Collette launches new Travel App – Collette CompassCollette launches new Travel App – Collette Compass GoCollettebook herePrivate Chauffeur ServiceCollette’s private chauffeur service is included on all Collette tours for customers within a 40km drive of an Australian international airport. as are tips for the land portion of each tour.About ColletteEstablished in 1918, Collette is a third-generation, family-owned worldwide tour operator. With headquarters in Rhode Island, Collette’s recently- opened Sydney office adds to the company’s global presence which includes offices in Vancouver, Toronto and London.On offer is an extensive collection of four-star escorted tours, river and ocean cruises, rail journeys, small group tours, family tours and garden holidays. Renowned for connecting guests with cultural experiences which go far beyond those of an ordinary holiday, Collette prides itself on providing real value to its guests and agent partners. Knowledgeable tour managers, an industry-leading travel protection plan and inclusive touring are just part of the top-quality Collette experience. Just sit back, relax and be guided on your Collette adventure!Source = Collettelast_img read more

EU membership best guarantee of Cyprus existence

first_imgFor a small state like Cyprus, EU participation is the greatest guarantee for its own existence, Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides told CNA on the occasion of Europe Day.“Cyprus is a small state, part of a great democratic family, with the right to express itself as equal among equals, where solidarity among member states is non- negotiable. I believe this constitutes the greatest guarantee for our own existence,` he saidKasoulides said that, especially in the light of world and regional challenges, full EU membership provides the necessary security and support in issues which Cyprus would not have been able to address by itself.“We must not underestimate the catalytic role of the European acquis communautaire in modernising the services and institutions of the Republic of Cyprus to the benefit of our citizens, nor the opportunities emerging from our membership, especially for the young people, through the free movement of people, services and capital,” he added.The minister said Cyprus was particularly proud of its involvement in promoting security and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean and of its regional co-operation with neighbouring countries, and referred to the tripartite cooperation with Greece and other states in the region.Cyprus has close relations with its neighbours, has strengthened the ties of those countries with the EU and promoted the importance of relations between the EU and its southern neighbours to address challenges and threats, he said.Kasoulides said that for 60 years since the signing of the Treaty of Rome, the EU enjoys peace, respect of human rights, rule of law, economic freedom, freedom of movement, consumers’ rights, among many other benefits.“Europe Day is not just a celebration of the EU as a political project, it is the celebration of a system of values and principles that have shaped the European way of living.”Referring to EU challenges, such as the economic crisis, unemployment, the immigration crisis and terrorism he said they were difficult and complicated issues which had no easy solutions.The response to those challenges was neither leaving the EU nor anti-European calls, he noted.Kasoulides said that the gap between the institutions and citizens must be narrowed, so that Europe becomes more social and more human and must address the concerns of its citizens.Cyprus became a full EU member state in May 2004.You May LikeClassmates.comLook For Any High School Yearbook, It’s FreeClassmates.comUndoTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionOne Thing All Liars Have in Common, Brace YourselfTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionUndoFigLeaf Beta AppHow to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes? Better safe than sorryFigLeaf Beta AppUndo Concern over falling tourism numbersUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoTwo arrested in connection with attempted murderUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img